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Hello Insectfriend!

Let's try this out. Bandcamp has added this nice little feature, so I will make use of it.
Lately a couple of people have asked for a way to support. So here it s.

Become a VIP Member today to get access to some demo material, unreleased tracks and more.
As soon as I have a good camera I will add vlogs and stuff like this too.

What you will get right now is this:
- Some music I wasn't able to publish yet. Will add more over time

What am I planning to do with it:
- I feel always that pressure to show stuff, once it is done, or even during the process. So I will do it here.
- With this VIP Membership-thingy I will have the opportunity to involve YOU into the process of creating stuff.
- Vlog stuff, once I have a camera for it of course :)

Thank you for considering to subscribe!


What you get:

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Neon Insect
VGM Composer from Germany.
You'll find guitars, orchestral compositions and synthesizer here.
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