Shipping and return policies for Neon Insect

Shipping Info
Items will be shipped via Deutsche Post/DHL two days after I received your order.
I will use insured shipping overseas, so in case of a lost or damaged item, we are somewhat save.

Within Germany: It takes 1 - 3 days.
Within Europe: In my experience the longest was 8 days
Worldwide: 9 - 28 days. Depending on the region.
Return Policy
If you're unhappy about your purchase, message me in any case, and I try to figure something out that works best for us. I want happy people.

Here is a general return policy:

Items are send out two days after I received your order - unless stated otherwise. Within that timeframe you can step back and get all funds returned.

If your item is damaged (not functional or damaged artwork), please send me an image of it and I'll replace it.
Scratches on shells or cases are not eligible for return.

If you want to step back from your order after shipping, you can do so within 14 days after purchase. The full price of the item (not shipping fees!) will be granted as soon as the item was returned. This is only possible, if the item wasn't opened/used.